Quote of the Week – QOTW #17

Hi all,

As promised in my post yesterday, here is a little short and sweet one for you guys. I used to do these QOTW posts every Sunday when I started this blog and they were my favourite to write. Unfortunately, I completely stopped posting these because they were the ones I would get the least response from you guys, probably because I was posting on Sundays (I haven’t learnt apparently).

If you didn’t already know this about me, I am obsessed with quotes. I have a notebook where I keep all the beautiful quotes I come across while reading or watching movies and I always like to read through them when I’m in need of a little inspiration.

passengers-poster-4On Friday, while I was trying to nurse my poor cough, I decided to watch the movie Passengers. I’m not going to go into a review of it because that’s not the point of this but there was a line in the movie that I really loved:

“You can’t get so hang up on where you’d rather be that you forget to make the most of where you are”


As someone who’s been lucky to live and visit many different places, I relate to this very strongly. Only a couple weeks ago, I was struggling very hard with homesickness. A lot of exciting things were happening back home and I kind of felt stuck in Scotland. I wanted to be home so badly. However, when I was home at the end of last year job hunting, there were days when I really wanted to be abroad. And while living in London, I longed to be in France. The cycle never stops.

It’s normal to feel homesick at times or to want to experience something new, but it shouldn’t take away from the positive things that are happening exactly where you are. Right now, I live in a beautiful city; I absolutely love my job and I have finally found a studio! Life’s good. I’m guilty of always looking at the next step instead of focusing on what I’m doing now but I want to be more present in the moment. Carpe Diem as they say!

I forgot how cheesy these posts could get. Sorry…




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