E-reader: a ‘funzy’ pros/cons list

Hi all,

I have had little to no internet in the last couple of weeks and my connection is still very sporadic but I thought I would quickly pop on here and share a post with you.

As a big Gilmore Girl fan and a Rory Gilmore wannabe, I have always been a big advocate of pros/cons lists. Usually, you’re supposed to make the list before you make the decision but in this case, I’m about seven months late. Oh well.

I bought an e-reader, a Kindle to be exact (this will be relevant later), back in August last year in anticipation of my trip to Ireland. I’d never really been interested in e-books and was kind of a purist when it came to physical books but going on a trip for three weeks with only a backpack made the choice for me.

Having used my Kindle on and off since then, I thought I would share with you what I like about it and what I don’t.

Let’s start with the highs and finish with the lows, shall we? I know it’s not the usual way to do things but let’s be a little crazy.


I’m going to start with the obvious and slightly boring points so bear with me:

  • an e-reader is light. duh. Very travel friendly and you can store more books that you will ever be able to read in a lifetime in less weight than a volume from A Song of Ice and Fire. Handy when you’re a big fan of humongous classics like I am.
  • buy books with one click. I realise this could also be a bit of a con as you don’t pay attention to how much you’re actually spending on books but still very practical.
  • cheaper. E-books are often a lot cheaper than physical books and there are tons of websites that have daily offers. Most of the books I buy are less than a pound/euro/dollar. Plus, if you read a lot of classics, they’re out of copyright and you can almost always find free copies.
  • practical in Publishing. A more specific pro is that e-readers are almost essential when working in Publishing. If you want to try and save the planet, reading manuscripts at different stages of their edits is better on a tablet.

Now on to the pros I didn’t necessarily think about before getting my Kindle:

  • Reading in the dark. When I moved into my new flat in Edinburgh, it turned out that the temperature in my bedroom was close to freezing and my hands couldn’t bare not being under the covers. With my Kindle, I can safely read under the warmth of my blankets, and I don’t even need a flashlight. Yay! (Note to myself: I should probably invest in a portable heater).
  • Reading ‘crap’. With my Kindle, I can read a lot more unliterary books without feeling judged. People might think I am reading War and Peace but I’m actually reading a terribly sappy romance. It keeps the mystery alive.


Although I’m very glad I decided to buy a Kindle, I do have to say that there a few drawbacks.

  • no reading in the bath. I am a big fan of reading in the bath on the rare occasions I am able to take one. I did try to bring my Kindle in once but the thought of dropping it in the water and possibly dying of electrocution or worse, breaking an expensive piece of technology, was just too much to handle.


  • battery. Granted, the battery life of a Kindle is long but when you’re picking it up after a while because you desperately want to get your hand on a book and the screen is black, that’s a pretty upsetting feeling.
  • Amazon. If you have ethical problems with Amazon, a Kindle might not be the right choice for you. Plus, you’ll have to endure shitty ads every time you open it. Not a fan of that.
  • Page turning mishaps. I think the most frustrating thing I find when I’m using my Kindle is when I’m trying to turn the page and it accidentally turns twelve or goes three pages backwards. There’s also the times when there’s a piece of fluff on the screen and trying to remove it takes you to a whole new book. First world problem I know but almost as worse as slow internet.
  • NOT A PHYSICAL BOOK. Another obvious one but I still prefer physical books and I don’t think I will ever not love the smell, feel and look of a brand new or secondhand book. Call me old-fashioned but it’s just not the same.

And I think that’s my rant over. I have probably forgotten a few other points but that will do for now. Let me know if you have experienced the joys of e-reading and your thoughts on it. I know it’s nothing new but it is relatively new for me.




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