2016 Reading Wrap-up – Part 1

Hi all,

First of all, Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2017; lots of love, success but most of all great books. 2016 has been a whirlwind of emotions and I’m glad for all the books that have allowed me to escape reality or gain perspective.

Before getting into my new year bookish resolutions, I wanted to take a look back at what I read this year. I’ve decided to divide this into two posts: the first one emphasizing how much I failed my 2016 reading goals and the second giving you all the books I’ve read in 2016 and a quick overview of what I thought about them.

At the beginning of 2016, I made a list of bookish resolutions to help guide my reading. Here is the link to read the original post (and laugh at how naive I was),.

Now on to see how terrible I did:

  1. Finish the last 2 books in the Harry Potter series

Done. And now I wish I could read them again but there are way too many books in the world to justify it.


2. Read the 4th and 5th volume in the A Song of Ice and Fire series

50/50. I read the 4th volume but have yet to read the last one. I’m a bit worried to finish that one and having to wait forever for the next one. I believe that’s part of the reason why I haven’t got around to it. This book is one of the few I’ll be bringing with me to Scotland (forgot to mention that I’ll be moving to Edinburgh in a couple of days – no biggie) so I’ll hopefully read it in 2017.


3. Read 3 more Charles Dickens novels

Sort of. This year I finished Nicholas Nickleby and read The Old Curiosity Shop (it took me almost three months to get through it…definitely not my favourite Dickens’ novel). After that, I didn’t feel like reading a whole novel again and instead picked up a book of two short stories by Dickens.


4. Read 5 books in French

Total fail. Like last year, I’ve only read one book in French. Mind you, it was a great book but I do want to read more.

5. Finish the Souvenirs d’Enfance collection

Total fail too. I haven’t picked up any of the three remaining books in this collection so big fat zero on that one.


6. Read Go Set a Watchman 

Done. I even wrote a review on this blog. So many thoughts.


7. Read the 3 short stories I own

1/3. I read the Charles Dickens one and that’s it. I’ve acquired a few more short story collections this year but I’m not taking them with me so I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to read them.


8. Read 25 books or more

Almost. I’ve read 23 books this year. Not too bad considering that I spend three months on The Old Curiosity Shop (man, that was a struggle).

In 2016, I also wanted to have fun with reading. Despite the whole Dickens debacle, I’ve managed to discover new books that I have loved reading.

Finally, I also wanted to take part in more read-a-thons this year. I think I took part in one or two. Not great. One of the reasons was time, obviously, but I also sometimes felt like the categories set were very restrictive and I didn’t feel like I could take part. I’ll try to get more involved next year.

And here you have it. What I’ve been up to reading-wise this year. Having some guidelines was helpful but I’m not too bothered about the fact that I haven’t met a number of them. Maybe I’ll do better this year. Maybe not.

I’ll try to do the second part of this wrap-up asap and get on with my 2017 goals. If you’ve made any (bookish or not) resolutions this year, I’d love to see what you aspire to do. As Zac Efron once said, “We’re all in this together”.





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