A very free book haul

Hi all,

Yes, I am still alive! I have really missed blogging in the past two weeks but I needed a bit of relaxing after hectic deadlines. Plus, spring allergies have finally kicked in and all I want to do is nap. As you can imagine, this is impeding greatly on my productivity.

Today, I want to share with you the books I have collected in the past six weeks. Most of them are from the place I am currently interning at. I have decided to pay myself in free reading material as they have dozens of charity boxes. So far, the arrangement has worked well for me.

Here come the pretty free books:

1. Triggermortis by Anthony Horowitz

P1070325I used to be a huge Alex Rider fan when I was younger. I really enjoyed the thrilling spying adventures, and the movie starring Alex Pettyfer was also ok on the eyes.

When I saw this book being given away, I decided to pick it up and finally try the James Bond series, originally started by Ian Fleming but now taken on by the same author as Alex Rider, Anthony Horowitz. I owned one of these books and started reading it years ago but never got around to finishing it. I really liked the cover of this one which was also a big incentive on picking it up but I am excited to see if I find spy stories as thrilling as I did when I was 12 years old.

2. Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer



Before I picked this one up, I didn’t know it was part of a series and was just interested in the cover synopsis. As it is book 5 of The Crifton Chronicles, I am not sure if I will be picking it up anytime soon.

I might try to get my hands on the first book and see if I like it. It doesn’t look uber literary but it does sound like an entertaining read and I need some of those in my life.


3. The Night Manager by John Le Carré

P1070322I have been hearing about John Le Carré a lot since I’ve moved to London and was excited to pick this book up. Granted, the TV show cover is not the best but I have heard good things about the BBC series. I wanted to check out the book first, although I have heard that the adaptation is very different.

This is another espionnage book. Go figure. I guess I’m in need for more fast-paced reads. I’m currently almost finished with A Feast For Crows but it has taken quite a long time for me to get through it. If I want to reach my Goodreads Reading Challenge, I need to read shorter and faster-paced books. This novel will be a good one to read for that.

4. The World Of Sex by Henry Miller

P1070316I have never read anything by Henry Miller. I always confuse him with Arthur Miller, who I absolutely adore, but whose work is completely different. This short essay is Henry Miller’s explanation of how his works, although reputably salacious, do not contradict his philosophy. I am not sure if I should read this first before picking up one of his novels or if I should see how his work makes me feel before I start theorising it. Another one to probably put on hold for the time being.

PS: I absolutely loved the cover on this one. I think this might be what inspired Instagram’s new logo.


5. The Martian by Andy Weir

P1070320I have been wanting to read this book for months but never actually picked it up. I was on the verge of giving up and just watching the movie when I saw a copy in the donation box at my internship. Now there is no excuse. I am planning to read this right after I’ve conquered  A Feast For Crows. It’s apparently very funny and I will probably need a lot of that after George R.R. Martin breaks my poor little heart again.

I’m not a big fan of this cover to be completely honest but this gives me an excuse to watch a Matt Damon movie, which is something I am always excited for.


6. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (French edition)

P1070324I have read this novel in my last semester of undergrad and really loved it. I wanted my little sister to read it as well but never got around to getting her a copy. Now I did and will be able to give it to her when I go back to France in July.

For those of you who haven’t read this yet, you definitely should. It is another WWII story, yes, but it is told from a completely new angle with interesting and complex characters.

I cannot recommend this enough!

7 & 8. Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

These two books are the last I picked up from my internship and are the ones I was most excited to find. Plus, these are more in my classics confort zone. Peruse Project featured these editions of Jane Austen’s novels in many of her videos and I thought they looked very good but I’ve always preferred Penguin’s clothbound editions. However, seeing the books in person (and for free), I couldn’t resist. I’ve only ever read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and really loved her humour and the characters she creates. I really want to read more of her works and these two beautiful numbers will be a great starting point.


9. Bleak House by Charles Dickens


My lovely friend found this 1905 editions of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House at Portobello Market and thought I would enjoy it. She was right! I’m a sucker for old books and a sucker for Dickens so it is the perfect gift for me. I have been slacking on reading Dickens this year and really need to get my shit together.


This novel is not on my list for a while but I am excited to have this beautiful edition to look forward to.

10. Night Walks by Charles Dickens

P1070318The last item on this list is the only one I’ve actually purchased for myself. I found it at the Barbican shop while waiting for a Yann Tiersen concert (that performance was one of the best 70 minutes of my life). This is a collection of essays on Charles Dickens’ discovery of the bleakness of London life during his nocturnal walks while he was suffering from insomnia. Another one to add to the slow-growing pile of short-stories that I need to get through.

This was the first time that I came upon a Penguin Great Idea edition and I really like it.

And we have come to the end of this book haul. The books that I have got at my internship are not books that I would normally pick out at a bookstore (except for the Jane Austen ones) but I think it is a great occasion to bring a bit of diversity into my bookshelves and hopefully into my reading habits. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought.







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