The Canterbury Tale(s)

Hi all,

On February the 13th, my friends from uni and I decided to leave London for the day and go explore Canterbury. This was to be phase 1 of our Gal-entines weekend (yes, that is a real thing).

We took the bus really early on Saturday morning under the rain and got to our destination two hours later. We didn’t have a set plan in mind, although my very organised friend had a print-out map of the town with important sights circled in red (always come prepared)!


P1070105After an amazing brunch, we made our way to the cathedral, a breath-taking building. I always find it hard to describe how I feel about architecture, probably because of my pitiful vocabulary. Apart from confusing signalisation, as shown in the image opposite, the visit was amazing. There is a huge crypt underneath the Cathedral, with different chapels, including a French protestant one. We even got to hear the choir rehearsing. The highlight of the visit was definitely the shop’s cat. We had to physically drag one of my friends away.


After the cathedral and despite the rainy weather, we decided to make our way to some gardens at the other side of town. On our way there, we did a bit of charity and second-hand book shopping. The second-hand bookstore was in this very quirky and wonky-looking house, with a quote of Dickens carved above the door. Right up my alley.


Canterbury is a gorgeous little town. The architecture is both pleasing and fun to look at. I loved the paved streets (although I twisted my ankles many times), the canals, and the peaceful atmosphere. Before adventuring into the gardens, we decided to stop for a hot drink and a huge piece of lemon cake. The enjoyment of the lemon cake was soon tarnished by my sudden realisation that my watch was missing.


I immediately thought that it must have fallen while I was trying on a dress at the charity shop and my very organised friend (she has a name I swear) called the store. They had it but were closing in 15 minutes!!! We walked all the way back to the store and skipped the gardens. By then, the sun was starting to set and the rain was picking up. We did a bit more shopping (needless to say, Canterbury’s Primark is not a must-see sight), ate dinner, and were on our merry way back to London.

Our adventures in Canterbury involved a lot of eating, over-sharing and walking. Although we did not really follow the usual touristic route and we did not get to visit The Canterbury Tales’ wax museum (as disturbing as that sounds), we had a lovely time and I am very happy I got to see Canterbury.




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