2016 Reading Goals

With the start of this new year comes a list of new resolutions. I haven’t finalised my life resolutions yet but I do have my reading ones settled (priorities amiright?!).

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Here they are:

  • Finish the last 2 books in the Harry Potter series

I have already started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince so I should hopefully reach this goal soon.

  • Read the 4th and 5th volume in the A Song of Ice and Fire series

I still have to read A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons in the series. I’m kind of reluctant to read them because I don’t know when the next book will be released and I don’t want to have to wait forever. On the other hand, I’m tired of being spoiled so I definitely need to read them this year.

  • Read 3 more Charles Dickens novels

I should be done with Nicholas Nickleby today so I’m already on the road to success with this one. The next two novels The Old Curiosity Shop and Barnaby Rudge were both written in 1841 and average around 800 pages. After the length of The Pickwick Papers, this should be doable.

  • Read 5 books in French

In my last post, I realised that I’d only read one book in my first language in 2015 and I want to change that this year.

  • Finish the Souvenirs d’Enfance collection

This goal goes hand in hand with the previous one as I still have 3 books to read in that collection. I got the last 2 for Christmas (huge book haul coming soon) and now I have no excuses not to get through them.

  • Read 3 books in translation

As someone interested in foreign literature, my recent reading list has really lacked in that domain and I want to get back on the horse. I have a few books in mind and I’ve been frantically perusing Pushkin Press’ website to get other ideas.

  • Read Go Set a Watchman 

I’ve been talking about this book all year and haven’t got around to picking it up. 2016 will be the year when I finally do.

  • Read the 3 short stories I own

Recently, I’ve acquired 3 short stories (once again, huge book haul coming soon) and I want to devote some time to reading them because I’ve been reading very large books in 2015 and I want to start reading shorter works.

  • Read 25 books or more

I’ve set myself a very realistic goal on the Goodreads Reading Challenge because I don’t deal well with the pressure of numbers. Plus, as I’ve said, I tend to read large books.

  • Have fun with it

I have many books in my room in London and I want to feel free to pick up whichever one I want.

Bonus goal: This year, I’d like to take part in more readathons. Although I rarely have 24h or more to devote to reading, I like the idea of being able to read as a community. I’m planning to take part in the TBR Takedown 3.0 created by leaninglights. It starts tomorrow and I already have a few books in mind. The books are supposed to fit into certain categories and I’m not sure I have one to fit each of them but I’m going to attempt it anyway. I won’t be able to write my TBR until I get back to London on Tuesday but I have some material to start reading before then.



PS: I haven’t set myself any Blogging Goals this year because, even after almost a year, I’m still testing things out and I don’t want to limit myself in any way. I just hope to be able to post good content regularly and to engage with more of you.


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