Hi all,

I have what I’m hoping is a fun announcement for you today. I’ve decided that starting on September 7th will be:


(contain your excitement)

From Monday to Friday, I will be publishing a post everyday about my love for classics. Get ready for discussions, recommendations and reviews all about classic literature.

I would love for you to get involved so don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments what you’d like to see.

I hope you’re excited for this because I am!





    1. Sounds awesome! I want to get more into science-fiction so I will definitely check it out.
      Doing a week long series is a bit scary in terms of time commitment but I’m excited!

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      1. It definitely is a time commitment. I confess, I haven’t read a lot of the classics. I’ve just never thought they looked interesting -.- Bad me, right? But give me some classic sci-fi/fantasy, we’re all good!

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  1. By “classics,” do you mean Classical Greek and Roman works, or commonly acknowledged literary masterpieces?

    Either way, sounds like a great idea – curious to read your thoughts!



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