Quote of the Week – QOTW #13

I am not sure if it was due to it being that ‘time of the month’ but I watched a lot of rom-coms this week. If I’m being completely honest with you, I watch a lot of rom-coms in general. To give you an idea of how many rom-coms I’ve watched, let’s just say that I have sometimes ended up at the point where I think I’ve seen them all. I’ll be browsing IMDB for hours and nothing new comes up. I’ll start to fill up with dread at the idea that I’ll have to start watching period dramas (no pun intended). But then, I finally find what I am looking for: an all new cheese-full 80min long distraction.

Some of the movies I watched this week dealt with recently graduated characters so I thought they would be a great way to gain perspective on my situation. The main take-away from them is that, although you’re never going to find a job with your English degree, you might find a very hot guy to be unemployed with. Life goals right there.

Because rom-coms were such a big part of my week, I thought I’d share with you a quote from one of the movies I watched. I know it’s not literature but don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it too.

“I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met.” The Wedding Date

How perfectly cheesy is this? I’m not gonna lie; I did tear up when this line came up. I was in a very vulnerable state OK! No need to judge, I’m already judging myself.

For me, watching movies is a way to relax, to clear my mind of the “To-Do” lists and of life bigger issues. That’s why I rarely go for intense topics but prefer light-hearted stories with, if possible, a happy ending. I have a lot of friends who study cinema and have attempted to get me into Hitchcock, Tarantino and the sorts but, although I appreciate the value of their work, I don’t think I can handle too much of it. I did weirdly enjoy Inglorious Basterds a lot but I have yet to recover from The Fox and the Hound. I do watch what’s considered to be ‘good’ movies, the ones that get nominated for awards, the ones that my artsy friends talk about, and I love them; I just can’t watch them all the time or I would constantly be questioning the meaning of life.

I’d be interested to know why you watch movies, and what kind you like to watch the most. Also, let me know in the comments what your favourite movie is because I need some recommendations to get me out of this phase. It’s starting to give me very false expectations concerning my future.



PS: Once again, there was no Writing Update this week. I went to a park on Thursday that also happens to have a zoo in it. My intention was to write for a few hours, and I did… for about 5 minutes. My attention was then taken over by the cutest baby lemur I had ever seen. Priorities.

In all seriousness, I need to get back into it but I’m lacking the motivation.


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