Quote of the Week – QOTW #9

This past week, I finished my second Dickens novel of the year: Oliver Twist. I’m trying to keep up with my goal to read more works by this amazing writer and so far, I’m really happy with how it’s going and how great the novels are. Oliver Twist is definitely a much darker read than The Pickwick Papers but these more brutal subject matters lead to very important and relatable reflections. I wanted to share one of them that particularly touched me:

“We need be careful how we deal with those about us, for every death carries with it to some small circle of survivors thoughts of so much omitted, and so little done; of so many things forgotten, and so many more which might have been repaired, that such recollections are among the bitterest we can have. There is no remorse so deep as that which is unavailing; if we would be spared its tortures let us remember this in time.”  Charles Dickens – Oliver Twist

This quote deals with the importance of taking advantage of the time we are given with the people we love because we never know when that time might end. It’s never too early to apologise or to say how we truly feel because we may never get the chance again. I think we can’t deny that this way of thinking is a tad morbid but it’s an accurate representation of life: we never know when the light is going to go out and therefore should make the most of the time we have.

When things are left unsaid or undone with a loved one, it becomes almost impossible to overcome their passing because there are so many questions that will never be answered, so many haunting ‘what-ifs.’ However, when everything has been said and done, peace can be reached. I’ve experienced both situations, and although loss is never easy to overcome, knowing that you and that person had a great relationship and enjoyed every moment together leaves you with only beautiful memories and no bitterness. People often tend to focus on the negative things and forget the great moments. Therefore, it’s better to remediate the existing issues before they become regrets.

When I think about my grandpa that I lost last October, I can’t help but smile and feel blessed for all the amazing moments I got to share with him and I’m so grateful that I can feel at peace. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy every day because I do miss him terribly but I know that we had the best time possible and that nothing can ever take that away from me.

On this hopefully hopeful note, I hope you enjoyed this post.




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