Writing Update: Meh

This update is probably going to be a very short one because absolutely no writing happened this week. BIG FAIL. I don’t know why but writing is always the last item on my To-Do list and when that list gets too long, there’s very little chance that I will get to it.

I really need to make writing one of my priorities. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous update (LINK), it needs to become part of my routine but it hasn’t yet. I just need to force myself to write at the start in order for it to come naturally later. In a lot of ways, it’s the same process as exercising. This is the worst analogy that I could come up with as I’m pretty sure that my monthly 5 minutes of cycling doesn’t really count as exercise. Unlike my relationship with working-out however, I don’t think I’m lacking the motivation to write; I think the issue is more that I’m paralysed by the amount of work in perspective. I’m scared that I’m never going to finish it and my insanely perfectionist self could never handle that.

I think that I should probably get back into it by starting with smaller projects, maybe trying to write a little bit everyday even if it doesn’t amount to much. I see how easier it is for me to blog now that I’ve been doing it for a few months so I’m hoping that it’ll be the same with writing.

To conclude this post, I wanted to mention that this week was not a complete fail (YAY). I did manage to work on the plan of my story like I wished to. I’ve got the chapter divisions worked out which will make the writing process easier. At least, I now have an idea of where I’m going. Structure is always good!

If you guys have any tips and techniques on how to start writing more regularly, please let me know. 




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