Quote of the Week – QOTW #5

This week, our QOTW is pretty short but nonetheless inspiring:

“The truth is that we all live by leaving behind.”

Jorge Luis Borges – Funes, His Memory

(obligatory generic picture of an open-road)

I read this short story for one of my Anthropology courses and it has stuck with me since.

I believe that staying focused on the past keeps us from moving forward and truly living. I often use the following analogy that my mom mentioned to me once: life is like a road on which you’re walking, carrying a backpack full of rocks. The rocks represent the people in your life as well as everything you possess. The more you carry with you, the slower you are. Therefore, if you want to go further quicker, you have to let go of some of these rocks along the way; you have to get rid of what doesn’t help you. Some of these rocks are essential for your travel but others are just deadweight.

I’ve always attached a lot of sentimental value to objects but in the past few years, I experienced a home invasion, a home fire and many moves. Therefore, my vision of material possession has changed, I realised that although many of these object are gone, I’m still there and it didn’t kill me to see them go. Since then, I travel more lightly. The only objects that I have a hard time parting with are books and I don’t think that will change any time soon.

It may sound a little harsh to just get rid of people but sometimes, it’s highly necessary. Some people are just toxic; they are negative and spread their negativity around. I’ve learned that the hard way. I know it can be hard to cut ties with people that you used to call your friends, people you love, or sometimes even with a family member, but it can be the only healthy solution.

As you get older, you start to realise what and who you need to move forward in your life, and what and who you don’t. It’s a hard realisation to come to but it’s a huge part of growing-up in my opinion.




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